History of Blandford Township 1867-1967

Reference Error

"History of Blandford Township 1867 - 1967", by George Oliver, published by A. Ayr News Ltd., 1967.

The FamilyTreeMaker Canadian Genealogy Index, 1600s-1900s, CD #118 quotes the source of some Cunneyworth and Davis information as: "History of Blandford Township 1867 - 1967, by George Oliver, published by A. Ayr News Ltd., 1996, Vol 1, page 85". The Cunneyworth reference, volume and publishing date are in error.

A call to the A. Ayr News Ltd. In Ayr, Ontario confirmed that the book (actually published more than 30 years ago, in 1967) is now out of print, but I was referred to the Blandford-Blenheim township office in Drumble, Ontario. Ann Hoard at this office had a copy of the book, but could find no mention of any Cunneyworth on page 85. The author's daughter, Mrs. Margaret Scott, in her 80s at the time I called (summer 1999) and still living in Drumble, has other copies of her father's "centennial project", but is saving them for her children. Her sister Jessie Oliver in Sechelt, BC graciously allowed me to review her copy during a visit to the Sunshine Coast over Easter weekend, 2000. Unfortunately I was unable to find any mention of Cunneyworths in this book, on page 85 or anywhere else, although there are a number of Davis family members identified. Note that the reference to a "Vol 1" is also in error, since there is only one volume (about 150 pages) in this publication.

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