1830 New York Census - Thomas Cunneyworth

There is a reference to a Thomas Cunneyworth in the FamilyTreeMaker Census Index: US Selected Counties CD #315 for 1830 in NY.

The Ancestry.com database for the New York Census, 1790-1890, states that Thomas Cunneyworth was in Madrid, St. Lawrence County, NY in 1830. Madrid is across the St. Lawrence River, east of Ontario's Kitley Township.

A print of the census microfilm page ordered from the censusmicrofilm.com web site shows Thomas as the head of a family which consisted of one male and one female, both aged "of twenty and under thirty" and one male "under five years of age". According to the web site, census day was June 1, 1830.

Photocopy of record
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Right side:

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