1842 Ontario Census- Thomas Cunyworth

1842 Ontario census microfilm records, Ontario Archives

Enumeration date: Feb 1, 1842

M-5908, County of Leeds, Kitley township, page 7

Thomas Cunyworth, nonproprietor of real estate, farmer, head of a family in one inhabited household, with 3 natives of England, 5 natives of Canada of British origin, and had resided in the province for 10 (or 11?) years.

The household included 1 male and 1 female aged 5 or under, 2 males and 2 females older than 5 but younger than 14, 2 married males aged between "30 and not 60" and 2 married females between "14 and not 45". An "8" appears (erroneously) in the column for "Number of lunatic [females] above five and under 14 years of age", next to the column titled (more reasonably) "Number of persons in each family belonging to the Church of England".

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