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Toronto Branch Transcribed Cemetery Markers Surname Index

        "ETB-011" PARK LAWN
        2845 Bloor Street W., E. of Prince Edward Drive

The Cathedral Church of St James' Marriages 1800-1908, 65 Church St, Toronto

        ref..3942; date.. 29 Dec 1857;
        groom.. INGLEDEN, William; status.. B; residence.. city of Toronto;
        bride.. CUNNEYWORTH, Susanna, X; status.. S; residence.. city of Toronto;
        lic/banns.. L; clergy.. GRASETT, H. J.;
        wit1.. DAVIS, John Freeman;
        wit2.. CUNEYWORTH, Ruth Ann

The Cathedral Church of St. James (Anglican), 65 Church St, Toronto, Baptisms 1807-1908

        baptised.. CUNNINGWORTH; Maria; born.. 07/21/50; bapt_date.. 11/08/50;
        father.. CUNNINGWORTH, Thomas;
        mother.. CUNNINGWORTH, Ann;
        father's_occup.. Labourer; address.. Toronto;
        sponsor_1.. Privately; clergyman.. BALDWIN; rg.. 3-; ref.. 2063

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