Elizabeth Jane Cunneyworth (1846?-1917) / Joseph Oliver Wright (1846-1926)

Joseph's parents: John Wright / Mary Ann Stevens
Source: Mike Wright

Joseph was born c. Feb 24, 1846 in Toronto.
Source1: birth year derived from age 25 in the 1871 Ontario census.
Source2: a photocopy of his death certificate sent to me by Mike Wright.
Source3: a photocopy of civil war pension application, courtesy of Mike Wright.
Note: Mike Wright states that his middle name was Oliver.

According to Mike Wright, "Joseph Oliver was in the US Civil War from Feb. 16, 1864 to July 21, 1865. He enrolled in Buffalo NY in the NY Volunteers.
Photocopies of military documents sent to me by Mike Wright show 4 columns of entries for Joseph Wright, Co. H, 102 Reg't, NY Infantry, as follows:

1) Appears on Regimental Return for Aug, dated Aug 17, 1864
Gain or loss: Gain
Place: "near" (?)
Remarks: Transferred from Co. I (?) 102 Regt NY to Co H 102 Regt NY Vols by order of Lieut/Col H. S. Chatfield Comdg regt.
+ Return to (?)
2) Appears on Company Muster Roll for Sept & Oct 1864
Rank: Private
Present or Absent: Present
Remarks: Stoppage/Knapsack
3) Appears on Company Muster Roll for Nov & Dec 1864
Rank: Private
Present or Absent: Present
Remarks: Stoppage/Knapsack
4) Appears on Company Muster Roll for Jan & Feb 1865
Rank: Private
Present or Absent: Present
Remarks: Stoppage/Knapsack

Elizabeth Jane's parents: Thomas Cunneyworth / Ann Reynard
Source: The County Marriage Registers of Ontario 1858 - 1869, Vol 15, Toronto City, Ref: vol 2, page 9, identifies Elizabeth's father as Thomas.

Elizabeth was born c. 1846, the eighth child of Thomas and Ann.
Source: Year derived from age 24 in the 1871 Ontario census.
Note: Mike Wright suggests that she may have been born c. Feb 8, 1850 in Toronto. He sent me a (photocopy) picture of her gravestone showing a birth year of 1850. This date seems unlikely, however, given that her sister Harriet Maria was baptised Nov 8, 1850.

Elizabeth and Joseph were married c. Mar 12, 1867 in Toronto.
Source1: Elizabeth's name in the County Marriage Registers of Ontario 1858 - 1869 is listed as "E. J. Cummingworth" and only the year 1867 is shown.
Source2: According to Mike Wright, they were married c. Mar 12, 1867 in Toronto.

The Internet index to the 1871 Ontario census lists a Joseph Wright, age 25, born in England, origin Irish, occupation: painter, living in the District of Toronto West (046), sub-district of St. John's Ward (D).

The actual 1871 Ontario census records at the Ontario Archives show Joseph Wright (age 25, painter, Irish descent), Elizabeth Jane Wright (age 24) and their daughter Letitia (age 11 months, born in May), Ann Coneyworth, widow, age 59, with a John Coneyworth (presumably Ann's son?), unmarried, age 40, labourer, all born in England, religion Church of England.

In an email note from Mike Wright, he describes the couple's movements between Canada and the US:

An Uncle of mine said they first moved to Omaha, then to Chicago. Joseph left Elizabeth at around age fifty [c. 1896] it's said. He may have moved to Buffalo, back to Canada and to Fall River Mass. However he applied for US citizenship in Chicago in 1923 at age 77. He died at age 80 in Vancouver as we know. His trail gives me the feeling of being an impulsive sort of person. After 1881 when Joseph and Elizabeth moved to Chicago, she continued to live there, probably on the near west side near where the United Center is now. She is buried next to James Fredrick and wife; and William Henry and wife. That is about what I know, or think I know.

Following the war Joseph declined citizenship in the US and returned to Toronto.
Source: Mike Wright

His "several places of residence since leaving the service" (c. July 21, 1865 through May 1, 1908) were:
Buffalo ("6 years" implying 1865-1871)
Canada ("2 years" 1871-1873) and
Fall River, Mass ("the remainder of this time" implying 1873-1908).
Source: "Declaration for Pension" application, dated May 1, 1908, photocopy courtesy of Mike Wright

Joseph applied for a military pension in the state of Massachusetts, county of Bristol c. May 1, 1908 at age 62, while residing at 45 Campbell St., Fall River, Mass. The application states that he enlisted in Buffalo, NY Feb 18, 1864 as a Private in "Co. H, 102 Regiment of Infantry New York Vols and Co. I (?) 78 Regiment Vol Infantry New York" in the service of the Unites States, in the Civil War, and was honorably discharged at Pratts Island, NY July 21, 1865. Personal description: Height 5' 5-1/2", complexion: dark, color of eyes: blue, color of hair: brown, occupation: Press Feeder (?). His certificate number is listed as 792301 "at 600 per month".
His two witnesses were Greenwood Barnes, residing at the same address as Joseph, and John Tart, 229 Pitman St., also in Fall River.
Source: "Declaration for Pension" application, dated May 1, 1908, photocopy courtesy of Mike Wright

Mike Wright notes that a $600.00 per month pension in 1908 was a significant sum at the time.

Elizabeth died c. Mar 16, 1917 in Chicago.
She is buried in Mt. Auburn Memorial Park cemetery, 4101 South Oak Park Ave., Stickney, Illinois 60402, Middle Edgewood section, lot 54.
Source: Mike Wright sent me the cemetery information and a (photocopy) picture of her gravestone showing the death year of 1917.

A handwritten Wright family tree chart sent to me by Mike Wright notes that Joseph Oliver Wright "entered US via Fall River, Mass. Migrated to Omaha, Nebraska, Chicago, ILL. Fought in Civil War - issued 1st papers when discharged, 2nd in 1923 Chgo".

Joseph died c. Nov 5, 1926 at his home, 523 - 10 Ave. E., Vancouver, BC at the age of 80 years, 8 months, 12 days. Information on this registration form states that he was a widower, retired, cause of death: [Dil?]ation of heart, contributory: P[??]y 110B?, duration: 2 days. Length of residence: (a) at place of death: 14 months (b) in province: 14 months. Informant's name: Letitia White, daughter, same address. He was buried c. Nov 8, 1926 in Ocean View Cemetery.
Source1: "Province of British Columbia Certificate of Registration of Death", form 6, registration #7087, photocopy courtesy of Mike Wright
Source2: BC Archives Vital Events web site death registration index, Vital Event Death Registration Number: 1926-09-367087, B.C. Archives Microfilm Number: B13128, GSU Microfilm Number: 1927305


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