Rob's Roofing

Robert George Cunneyworth

Rob Cunneyworth is the owner of successful Cherryville enterprise, Rob's Roofing.

Rob and the love of his life, Connie Mitchell

Photo of Rob and Connie
Photo of snow bear sculpture When Rob is not busy roofing, he's often engaged in family projects, arts and crafts, wilderness adventures - or all of the above!

Snow bear sculpture

Here are a few satisfied customers of Rob's Roofing:

Photo of Dowdswell home

Dowdswell home, Cherryville, BC

Photo of Flater's Veterinary Clinic

Flater's Veterinary Clinic
Lumby, BC

Stage in Hanson Park
Cherryville, BC

Photo of Stage in Hanson Park
Photo of Wayne's barn

Brother Wayne's barn
Cherryville, BC

Photo of Multiplex Recreation Centre

Rob was the lead man for the Multiplex Recreation Centre, Vernon, BC,
working for TomTar Roofing & Sheet Metal, by many accounts
the most honourable roofing company in the Okanagan Valley.

Clubhouse, River Ridge Golf course
Cherryville, BC

Photo of River Ridge Golf course
Photo of Wayne's garage and shop

Wayne's garage and shop
Cherryville, BC

For more information about Rob's Roofing, please contact:
Rob Cunneyworth
886 Highway 6
Cherryville, BC
V0E 2G3

For comments, questions or corrections, please email me.
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