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At the present time, the vast majority of information on this site is concerned with the Cunneyworth family history, but the long term intent is to include a "family network" connecting relatives, friends, businesses and associates of special interest to a Cunneyworth audience.

Let's start with a few links for myself and my home in the community of Cherryville, geographic centre of the universe, among the Monashee Mountains of British Columbia, Canada:

About the author

My brother, Robert George Cunneyworth also lives a short distance away, in the same community.

Cast off the hippy/hillbilly/pioneer stereotypes and visit Cherryville, BC's Networking web site for information about our proudly unincorporated rural community with its unique blend of cosmopolitain influences.

Check out minutes of regular monthly meetings at the Cherryville Community Club's web page for news of ongoing local volunteer efforts.

See what happens when we mix common sense environmentalists with environmentally-minded loggers at the Cherry Ridge Management Committee's web page.

History buffs and gold rush enthusiasts will want to know about the Cherryville & Area Historical Society and museum for information about the founding and development of our community.

And there's nothing quite like a visual tour through the community photo album to get a feel for the place.

Be sure to visit Lumby, BC's Monashee Online web site for a wider view of the general area.

Beyond the limits of Cherryville and Lumby, a list of my favourite Cunneyworth cousins must naturally include the Hunt family.

Of course, this Cunneyworth universe page would not be complete without a few links for one of our more famous family members - hockey success story, Randy Cunneyworth:

Randy Cunneyworth Ottawa Senators hockey card

The Buffalo Sabres Alumni Association

Joy of Hockey Randy Cunneyworth Statistics
Randy Cunneyworth Buffalo Sabres hockey card

If you would like to add a link to your favourite site, please contact me.

For comments, questions or corrections, please email me.
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