Juraj "George" Oresky (1901-1981) / Maria "Mary" Ohriska (1902-1983)

George's parents: Michal Oresky / Anna Macenka

George Oresky was born Dec 16, 1901 in the Slovak village of Bezovce, Kosice.

Mary's parents: Jan Ohriska / Maria Slivka

Maria "Mary" Ohriska ("Baba" to her grandchildren) was born Jan 19, 1902 in the Slovak village of Jenkovce, political area of Sobrance. (Jenkovce is approximately six kilometres northeast from George’s village of Bezovce).

George and Mary were married c. Aug 9, 1924 in Vysne Nemecke, a few kilometers northeast of Jenkovce on the Slovak/Ukranian border, the site of a major border crossing into the Ukraine (one of very few crossings in all of eastern Slovakia).
George was listed as a Roman Catholic and a farmer; Mary was identified as a Roman Catholic and a housewife. The wedding was witnessed by Stephan Hrenko from Krcava (spelled Karcava and Karcave in George’s copies) and Yan Tomicik from Bezovce.
Source: Marriage certificate7 (three copies, transcribed at two different times: two for George in 1926 and one for Mary in 1929).
Note: Mary’s Czech declaration of Nationality9 incorrectly states that she was married in 1925.

George died of prostate cancer, after a long illness, at his daughter’s home c. Nov 4, 1981.
Source: Mary Angela Oresky Cunneyworth

A year and a half later, Mary died of a massive heart attack at her home on Chapman Road in Toronto c. April 10, 1983.
Source: Mary Angela Oresky Cunneyworth

Both George and Mary are buried at Glendale Memorial Gardens17 in Rexdale, Ontario, spaces C3 and 4, lot 337B, Garden of Old Rugged Cross.


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