Susan Cunneyworth (1836?-1894) / William Din Ingledew (1831-1900?)

Fern Plomp was my original source for the Cunneyworth-Ingledew connection.

William Din's parents: Unknown Ingledew / Ann Reynold(s)
            or possibly John Ingledew / Margaret Unknown?
Note: LDS IGI records on the Internet list a William Ingledew christened in Hutton Rudby, Yorkshire, England Oct 30, 1831, with parents John Ingledew and Margaret Unknown.

William Din was born c. 1831 in England, religion Methodist Episcopal.
Source1: Year derived from age 40 in the 1871 Ontario census.
Note: The index to the 1871 census incorrectly lists William's last name as "Ingleden", his age as 20 - rather than 40 - and his religion as "E.M." The detail record contains the correct information. This census also lists Susan (age 34), John W. (11), and Eda Elva (age 7), all born in Ontario.
Source2: LDS IGI records on the Internet list a William Ingledew christened in Hutton Rudby, Yorkshire, England Oct 30, 1831, with parents John Ingledew and Margaret Unknown.
Source3: Conflicting year 1836 derived from age 45 in the 1881 Ontario census.

He came to Canada 1834-1837 at the age of 3. His birth mother died during the passage.
His siblings: John Ingledew, Jane Ingledew and Priscilla Ingledew.
William Din Ingledew was raised in Toronto by Mr. and Mrs. Wilkinson.

As Yvonne Roxby Hensman has pointed out, it is interesting that the minister who married Susan's parents, Thomas and Ann, was named Wilkinson. One of the witnesses to that marriage was also a Wilkinson.

Susan's parents: Thomas Cunneyworth / Ann Reynard

Susan was born c. 1836 in Ontario, the fourth child of Thomas and Ann.
Source1: Year derived from age 34 in the (April 2) 1871 Ontario census.
Source2: Conflicting year 1839 derived from age 42 in the 1881 Ontario census.

Connie Spencer informed me by email of a Leeds and Grenville Genealogy Society index for the 1841 Ontario census for Kitley township which includes the following information for a Thomas Conyworth: 1 male adult, 1 female adult, 3 male children and 3 female children. Sometime later I confirmed this 1841 listing myself in the Ontario Genealogical Society, Leeds & Grenville Branch, Census Records for the Township of Kitley publication. Susan would have been the fourth child among the six reported in this census.

I was unable to locate the 1841 census in a subsequent visit to the Ontario Archives. I did confirm, however, that in the 1842 Kitley census, a Thomas "Cunyworth", nonproprietor of real estate (i.e. a tenant), farmer, was the head of a family in one inhabited household, with 3 natives of England, 5 natives of Canada of British origin, and had resided in the province for 10 (or 11?) years. The household included 1 male and 1 female aged 5 or under, 2 males and 2 females older than 5 but younger than 14, 2 married males aged between "30 and not 60" and 2 married females between "14 and not 45". An "8" appears (erroneously) in the column for "Number of lunatic [females] above five and under 14 years of age", next to the column titled (more reasonably) "Number of persons in each family belonging to the Church of England".

This implies that Thomas and Ann had 6 children (3 girls and 3 boys) in 1842 and shared the house with another couple, who were not members of the same church. One girl and one boy were born c. 1837 - 1841 (since the same number of children were reported in the 1841 census), and the remaining 2 girls and 2 boys were born c. 1829 - 1836 (including Susan), all but one in Canada. Other evidence (Catherine's 1881 Ontario census record) suggests that Catherine was also born outside Canada, however. Both married couples and one child (John) were born in England.

Ontario Genealogical Society, Leeds & Grenville Branch, Census Records for the Township of Kitley in 1844 lists a Thomas "Canningworth" as head of a household consisting of 1 male and 1 female adult with 4 male children and 3 female children. This information correlates well with our Thomas and Ann. The fourth male child in this census would have been Susan's brother Richard, born c. 1843.

A Susan was an "aunt" or "cousin" to Fern Plomp's mother, Grace Gladys "Esther" Cunneyworth (1895-1982?). Was it this Susan or the one referred to in LDS birth records for Toronto, Nov 13, 1875. (Based on age, the latter seems more likely).

"Susanna Cuneyworth" and William Ingledew were married c. Dec 29, 1857 in Toronto, according to Susan and William's marriage registration record for the Cathedral Church of St. James, Anglican Diocese of Toronto (courtesy of Yvonne Roxby Hensman).
The registration shows William's signature and Susan's "X" mark.
Susan's sister Ruth Ann and future brother-in-law John Freeman Davis signed as witnesses to the marriage, two years prior to their own wedding.
The Toronto Branch of the Ontario Genealogical Society's Electronic Search Service for Places of Worship Registers located a record for this marriage under William Ingleden and Susanna Cunneyworth among the Cathedral Church of St. James' Marriages 1800-1908. This record notes Susan's "X" mark and identifies witnesses as Ruth Ann "Cuneyworth" and John Freeman Davis. There is no mention of parents for bride or groom.

Susan converted to Methodist Episcopal in 1860 and was an active member of the church.

The family lived in Bronte, Ontario.

Lovell's Province of Ontario Directory for 1871 describes Bronte as "A rising and picturesque village in the township of Trafalgar, county of Halton. It is on the shore of Lake Ontario, at the mouth of Twelve Mile Creek. A gravel road connects Bronte and Milton. Here is a fine harbour capable of receiving vessels of 370 tons. No country probably possesses greater commercial facilities. Bronte is a station of the Great Western railway. Distant from Milton, the county town, 12 miles, fare 50c; from Toronto 26 miles. Mail daily. Population about 550".

According to the 1871 Ontario census, he was a fisherman on Lake Ontario near Bronte ("Ingledew Point").
Note: The 1871 Ontario census lists Thomas and Sarah Joyce as Susan and William Din's next-door neighbours.

Lovell's Province of Ontario Directory for 1871 lists Ingledew William, fisherman, along with neighbours and relatives: Colton Thomas, shoemaker; Cunningworth Richard, teamster; and Joyce Joseph, tailor.

In the 1881 Ontario census William's occupation is also shown as fisherman.
This census lists William and Susan's religion as Episcopal Methodist.

Susan died c. Jun 3, 1894 and was buried at Mount Pleasant church, Palermo circuit (Merton Pioneer cemetery, west of Oakville)
Note: William Joyce, witness to Mary Elizabeth Cunneyworth's wedding, is also buried in this cemetery.

A typed document by Rev. B.L. Cohoe, written on her death, reads:
"... she was converted at Bronte about 34 years ago under the labors of Rev. Wm. Pirritte, or Rev. A. Bradshaw and united with the M.E. Church. She has since been a very consistent member. The evening before she was attacked by her last illness, which was sudden and severe, she attended the meeting of the Epworth League, and took part in the exercises by leading in public prayer. We little thought that it was her last prayer in our meeting. In the work of the Sunday school, the league and the church, she will be greatly missed, as well as in kindly neighbourly acts, the visitation of the sick, helping the poor, and a thousand and one little offices of Christian love wherewith she adorned the doctrine of God our Saviour in her life and character as a godly woman. A great concourse attended her funeral. The writer preached from Matt. XXIV 44, at the Bronte Church, and we laid away with loving care the mortal remains of our dear sister at Mount Pleasant Church, Palermo circuit, to await the resurrection morning."

The Ontario Cemetery Finder's Aid (OCFA24) on the Internet was unable to locate any information about Susan at Mount Pleasant Church or at Palermo United cemetary.

William Din died around 1900.
Note: There is no mention of William in the 1901 Ontario census for Bronte.


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